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Can Anyone Help Us With Advice Please As We're Having Problems In The High Winds

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Default Re: Can anyone help us with advice please as we're having problems in the high winds

Greetings and sorry to hear of your troubles.
A few questions first, do you have a wind and snow kit installed?
Have you anchored anything to the sides( interior walls)
I live in a very windy location. 50mph is a good stiff breeze here.LoL.
When I set up my yurt, the wind tore it down the first night. Not fun.
When I set it up the second time, I installed the wind kit right away.
No issues until I built a set of interior walls, to create a washroom and provide a wall for kitchen cupboards and a loft all in one . I anchored this wall to my wind kit uprights. The first good blow, my yurt shifted around the anchor point of the interior wall about 8"or so.
Now my interior walls and loft are free-standing on the platform, not attached to the outer walls at all. We've had some serious winds since and the yurt shudders around it. But hasn't shift a bit.
I've also added mid-rope on the roof, to slow the flapping or as I call it, "humping" my roof had a tendency to lift in a high wind. for my 30' yurt, I made up a 15' hoop of good rope and tied 1 end of 8 more ropes (each long enough to reach the ground or suitable anchor piont) to the hoop. Roughly spread the 8 equally around the hoop. With a few tries I managed to get the hoop over the


, using the 8 down ropes to manouver the hoop until it was aprox. centered on the roof from the peak to the edge.By tying 1 down and working opposite ropes eventually I managed to get equal coverage and tension on the hoop and no longer have my roof being tugged up in strong wind. It also made it far quieter in the yurt during our regular 30mph days.
I don't know if this helps. I Hope so.
I think Jafo is who you want to talk to.
Good Luck and have fun, you live in a yurt after all
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