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Any Oregon Yurt Owners In The House (or Yurt)?

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Old 02-19-2018, 04:35 PM   #1
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Default Any Oregon yurt owners in the house (or yurt)?

My wife and I live in Portland OR. We are looking to buy property in columbia county to build a yurt for permanent residence. Are any of you permanent dwellers in Oregon? Im wondering what codes are like, difficulty in getting approved and if its even allowed?

Lemme know guys., Thanks in advance.


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Old 04-26-2018, 04:20 PM   #2
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Default Re: Any Oregon yurt owners in the house (or yurt)?

I am in a similar boat, we purchased a property in Deschutes County. Based on my research I have been unable to find any yurt owners in Oregon who have been able to meet the residential dwelling energy codes. I have spoken with building code agents in Portland and Deschutes County and emailed with the state code people. I was told that if I can find a yurt that has been able to meet the energy code then to find out where it is and the compliance officer in Deschutes County will figure out how they did it and if I am able to do the same. I have also emailed with a few yurt owners in Oregon, all have which have given me vague answers that sound like they did not meet codes and built anyway and are currently getting away with it because their property is far enough off the grid for anyone to notice or complain. If there is anyone out there that can prove me wrong please do.

On the bright side, everyone I have talked to has been super friendly and helpful in trying to come up with a solution.
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Default Re: Any Oregon yurt owners in the house (or yurt)?

Pretty good example of typical govt. run around bs imo. "Look dude, you find a yurt that passes code and our compliance officer will check it out." (said with feet up on desk and donuts and coffee brought in by a secretary. "Yep gonna have me a nice fat retirement check too.) lol
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