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Old 05-06-2016, 06:25 AM   #1
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Default windows

I need opinions on windows! my husband and I are selling our home to live on 11 acres, hopefully in a yurt. We have three very young daughters. Thats the backstory! At first we wanted only glass windows because 1) they look lovely 2) they are familiar. However glass windows add a considerable cost, and Im thinking it might be smarter to spend that money in other ways (building a ginormous deck, for example.) Thoughts? Do you love/hate your fabric windows?

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Old 05-06-2016, 09:31 AM   #2
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Default Re: windows

How amazing!! I have one babe. Very cool to see families downsizing to a yurt. My partner and I have gone back and forth on the pros and cons of real windows as well. Our main concern with fabric windows was the increased potential for mold or mildew. We figured for $900+ we could put in our own some day if we still wanted them. Following!!
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Default Re: windows

Some of this depends on where you are too. If you ever think you are going to use air conditioning, a window is rather necessary. Also, it gives your family another exit in case of fire. Keep in mind, you cannot get out through the walls in a fire. It is either cut a hole in the roof and scale out or go through the door or (if you have a glass window) the window. The standard non-glass windows are barred with lattice.

In hindsight, I would have ordered one glass window. I can retrofit, I just haven't yet.
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Default Re: windows

I'm hoping my crown ring is big enough to bring in enough light But that's on a 20 ft yurt with 6 ft walls.

I've seen portable AC units that have a vent tube (usually goes to a panel blocking the open portion of a window) that could be routed through a small hole in the wall canvas or through the floor. I'd suspect a slightly lower efficiency in comparison to in-window units or the more industrial style, but it might not be significant/worrisome.
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Default Re: windows

Excellent point about egress if there is a fire.
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