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Interior Wall Materials If Exterior Is Vinyl

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Old 07-23-2019, 04:03 PM   #1
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Default Interior wall materials if exterior is vinyl


My exterior walls are billboard vinyls, and I am looking at polycotton or acrylic-coated polyester for the interior walls. I will have to use foil bubble wrap for the


Any thoughts on best interior wall material? Im concerned about condensation and mildew, thus breathability.
Ill be living in it full-time, wood heat, no indoor bath/shower etc.


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Default Re: Interior wall materials if exterior is vinyl

Being concerned with mold and mildew is thinking ahead, and that is wise to do. Unfortunately I can't help you with details on your design. If organic materials can't breathe and/or really dry out, they are likely gonna mold in a warm humid environment. Wish I could give some practical advice on this or direct you to a thread that covers this, but that's really out of my field. Good luck.
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Groovy Yurts
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Default Re: Interior wall materials if exterior is vinyl

Good thinking ahead about the mildey and stuff, but I would put in a indoor bathroom, as far as


inside the yurt get a dehumidifer, and the water you collect is good water so do not throw it away, but I am sorry to say the materail you are using is going to not breath, wool like the mongolian use is fantastic , but do not disappear take your cover off make some water and colorox, bleach and mop it down let it dry in the sun and do the same for your


and put it back on your will be fine and when your cover is off and insulation put bug screen on your frame works great good luck
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