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Building A Yurt For Free/as Close As Possible?

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Old 05-23-2016, 04:11 PM   #1
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Default Building a yurt for free/as close as possible?

I started to get some wood from my forest after seeing how you can just trim the sides of branches and have started getting some 1.5 metre or so by 1 inch or so for the lattice wall.

After watching a video, I see how people are using complicated technology to make a circle out of wood, and put holes into it, and frankly I am low on cash and looking for a way to make yurts much cheaper.

Also the prospect of phoning up tons of people for spare wood sort of bothers me a little.

Is yurt making really requiring complicated, expensive machinery or can I do it fairly simply? excluding canvases?

Thank you

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Old 05-23-2016, 06:43 PM   #2
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Default Re: Building a yurt for free/as close as possible?

You can build a yurt with few tools.All you need is a table saw and a drill guide and an electric drill and bit. I use an 18foot insulated pool cover for the roof and side curtains from those white tent garages y o u see around. Scrap lumber from dumpsters on job sites. I bolt my Gahanna together with nuts and bolts bought by the pound from tractor supply. I have built 3 16foot getting ready to start number 4 but if it don't stop raining soon I might just start on another Ark.dang spell check.....
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Default Re: Building a yurt for free/as close as possible?

Yurts take quite a few tools, to a whole lotta tools, to build. Plus skill, cash, and a good understanding of yurt engineering. So yeah, you have to put your thinking cap on, and you need several hundred dollars for materials, and a plan to proceed..

If you don't have the tools, or friends that will work a trade with you for use of their tools, perhaps you should consider making a tipi instead. For that you need the cover, a used cover is several hundred bucks right there, seventeen straight poles 25' long. A 50' length of rope, lacing pins, and a couple dozen wood stakes. Good luck.
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Old 05-25-2016, 05:46 PM   #4
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Default Re: Building a yurt for free/as close as possible?

i been having a go at trying to do it on low budget. I am finding that lower budget usually means more hours need putting in.

are you considering de-barking your branches/poles for the lattice wall. and an oil based finish/sealant?
i have a strong suspicion damp conditions could rot unprotected wood.
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