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Design And Floorplans

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Old 08-29-2012, 03:15 PM   #1
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Lightbulb Design and floorplans

Designing platforms and floor plans are one of my favorite parts of our business. Addressing unique challenges, stretching the parameters of the 'Basic Yurt Set Up'.

Here on the Big Island, people can come to our office yurt to get the feel of the space, and then we can sketch out all kinds of ideas, narrowing down the one that works the best. This isn't just for floor plans, but also two-storied yurts, multiple yurts connected together, etc. The aim is to create an entire, permittable set of plans, including site plan, and then we walk them through the building department for people. I'd love to see more businesses focused on this service in more states. We just got word that Dr. Lisa Thatcher is aiming to do just that over in Colorado. I'll bet we will see her join our conversations soon.

That said, Lisa gave me a pretty cool tip! IKEA has a section for yurts... It seems like it may just be some online design tools with a forum, I haven't checked it out in detail yet. We can't really do IKEA over here for a lot of things, pressboard disintegrates and all metal rusts. But it's cool to see yurts hitting the mainstream. Sorry I can't get the link right now, gotta go, but I'll add it later unless someone else beats me to it. Aloha all~

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Default Welcome to the IKEAHome Planner

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Did you guys see this?

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yurt plans

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