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Yurt Living Without Isolation (ie, Community)

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Old 11-06-2016, 05:06 PM   #1
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Default Yurt Living without Isolation (ie, Community)

hi all

Most instances of yurt living that i have seen / heard of, often involved a quiet secluded lifestyle.

I currently recovering from several years of drug addiction. I isolated and hid away for a long time.

I am still mad keen on living in a yurt, but it would probably be best i don't live secluded, in field/forest, by myself too much.
(i tend to get lost in my own thoughts quite often)

im quite keen to hear of instances/situations of yurt living in a community?

what sort of communities are yurt dwellers found in?

what sort of communities tend to be more accepting of a yurt?

to bring yurt to said community, does one pay rent, and/or volunteer a few days a week?

(i live in UK, but am keen to hear of stories/situations from all around the world)

many thanks

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Old 11-21-2016, 12:37 AM   #2
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Default Re: Yurt Living without Isolation (ie, Community)

I lived in a yurt in Fairbanks. There were a couple in town. There are also a couple in Juneau where I live now and at least one in Haines. I think if you are outside of major cities a yurt can work in a semi-urban setting. As long as it isn't a community that is set on having all the houses look the same! All of these yurts I know about are on their own lot and not parked like in someone else's back yard. So it's just like a different kind of housing. I think it really depends on the community so it would be good to check regulations where ever you are thinking of moving.
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Old 11-22-2016, 07:23 PM   #3
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Default Re: Yurt Living without Isolation (ie, Community)

Thanks Delores.

Yea i was most certainly thinking outside of cities XD

back in my days of hitchhiking/drifting about UK/Euroupe, i stumbled across a few comunities where there were either yurt(s) or a yurt would be welcome.

many of these communities seemed to have a self sustainable / eco-friendly nature about them.
the sort of place one might find on WWOOF.org

really though, im not sure. when epople ask me where i gonna go with the yurt, i dont have many specific ansers.
so maybe its time to grab my backpack and go exploring
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Old 11-22-2016, 09:35 PM   #4
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Default Re: Yurt Living without Isolation (ie, Community)

I live in a city of 420K. I doubt there are a dozen yurts set up in this huge city. Actually I'll bet less than a half dozen, maybe in the entire county of 500K.

Most folks I have mentioned my yurt to, immediately say, "What's a yurt?" So you are up against a wall on that. Anything as non mainsteam as a yurt is gonna get looks and talked about, for sure. That's how people are. It's like talking about 60s counterculture with some people, 'Filthy hippies.' The absolute best place for a yurt, IMO, is in a rural area, preferably where folks aren't growing pot. lol
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