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Shelves And Storage In A Non-vertical Wall Yurt

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Old 08-20-2022, 11:16 AM   #1
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Default Shelves and storage in a non-vertical wall yurt

Our yurts are an interesting non-traditional design. The walls are curved vertically and horizontally, whereas traditional designs have vertical walls. Think of an igloo shape and you'll get the idea.

So this makes shelves even more challenging because the radius changes depending on the height and you can't put tall furniture close to the wall. I like to design things in 3d using Blender3d. It's not specifically for yurts but it helps me wrap my head around 3 dimensional problems.

We've got 3 tall shelf units but they have to be so far away from the wall to fit, there's a ton of wasted space behind them. I may just have to use them in our rectangular hallway and/or our shipping containers. They simply don't work well, unless I cut them into half heights units.

So I'm working on a design for custom shelving that would fit our yurts/gers. If anybody can help me brainstorm shelf systems, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a peek and share your thoughts.

This is the simplest idea with different depth shelves depending on the vertical position on the wall. The shelves are just supported at the edges by the posts of the gear and the middle ring above. The wood could be MDF or similar and the hangers, threaded rod and nuts.

Click image for larger version

Name:	01 simple shelves.jpg
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ID:	1326

I thought about the hanging system and they threaded rods might be better replaced by flat steel bar with holes. Except in the middle. Also, simple clothes hanging rods (thick dowel) can be supported from above too.

Click image for larger version

Name:	02 shelves and clothing rods.jpg
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Size:	2.00 MB
ID:	1327

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Default Re: Shelves and storage in a non-vertical wall yurt

'Architectural Digest' material right there folks. Clean spartan powerful lines. Good stuff. Thanks.
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