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Renting Land & Utilities For Wooden Yurt Use?

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Old 06-19-2017, 04:09 PM   #1
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Default Renting Land & Utilities For Wooden Yurt Use?

Hi All,

I'm looking for a way to lower my housing costs over time. I currently live in Bellingham, Washington. The housing market is extremely tight, and the costs are already out of control and continually worsening.

I'm thinking about buying a wooden yurt from

Freedom Yurt Cabins

. I understand these are portable, unlike other wooden yurts, due to the fact that the platform is integrated. An advantage of wooden yurts is that it should be easier to meet code. Meeting code is something that seems potentially very frustrating, and I'd be worried about not being able to make it work. I'm also thinking wooden yurts provide more sound attenuation than fabric yurts. Is that the case? I definitely want privacy, and would eventually probably build a room inside the yurt for a home theater, if I had to.

I'd like to get my own land, but in the meantime, I thought maybe it would be possible to set up a yurt on somebody else's land, and rent the land and utilities from them. Any thoughts on the feasibility of that?

I also looked at

Smiling Woods Yurts

, and while I think I like those better, they aren't portable, and are priced about the same while not including an integrated platform. I do like the look of them more, going by the photos, and the roof seems more durable. Another thing is that ideally I'd like the 41 foot Sequoia yurt they make (or at least more square footage), and this manufacturer offers walls up to 14 feet for lofts at about a 25% additional cost.

Freedom Yurt Cabins

max size is a 25 foot diameter, and you canít adjust the wall height, but maybe I could make a smaller loft anyway, Iím not sure.

So the options seem to me to be, either get a Freedom Yurt Cabin, and hopefully be able to park it on somebodyís land until I can purchase my own land, where in the future I could get another cabin and link them together for more space, or wait till I find land I want, and build the Smiling Woods Sequoia Yurt on it.

Any thoughts on the pros and cons of 2 linked yurts vs one large one? Square footage wise the Smiling Woods Sequoia with 14 foot walls would be the better value, but then itís permanent so Iíd have to already own land, and would also have to build the platform. I thought it would be better if the yurtís portable, but maybe I could sell the land and yurt if I had to, or rent it out.

There are lots of things to consider here: the Washington state tax of a Smiling Woods yurt, unless I could find a way to get around that, shipping costs, etc, etc.

Some other questions I have are, how difficult would it be to sell a wooden yurt if I wanted to, and do they hold their value? Are they really better, more durable, and require less maintenance than fabric yurts? How hard would repairs be if I had to repair it? How much would platforms be for both a 25 foot and 41 foot Smiling Woods yurt? And maybe most importantly, is about $26,000 for a 490 square foot space a good value? And what is likely total cost for everything when itís said and done?

Iíve looked at other options like tiny homes (way more than Iíd like to spend for the square footage) and supposedly sturdy aluminum RVs (which should be much less than a tiny house, but still donít seem ideal to me for my situation), but Iím leaning towards something like a wooden yurt. I understand there are new technologies on the way to make housing cheaper like prefabbed and modular homes from companies like Factory OS, and 3D printed houses by companies like Apis Cor, but Iím wondering if yurts are currently the best value today.

One last thing I should mention is that I have a spinal cord injury and am currently disabled, so I will certainly need help.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks.

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Default Re: Renting Land & Utilities For Wooden Yurt Use?

Youtube Build an off grid yurt

Smiling yurts wood wall yurt Youtube

Both these vids feature Smiling Woods yurt. Decent design imo. Frankly a very small two bed one bath four walled house would be easier to build but I'm a carpenter. Building a 'kit' yurt is still a substantial investment relative to any cloth walled yurt. Just to toss out a number, and I may be WAAAY off, if you could get the whole yurt complete- turn key so to speak-, for $100,000 I'd say you did good. Building costs are high. Of course it would be a WHOLE lot more quiet, and long lived. As for land lease, Sorry I can't help you with that. Bellingham is a very desirable -read expensive- place to live. Oklahoma would be more affordable. lol That's all I have. Good luck.
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Old 06-19-2017, 09:14 PM   #3
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Default Re: Renting Land & Utilities For Wooden Yurt Use?

Thanks for the reply.

Since I'm single right now, I prefer the studio feel of the yurt. Of course I would like a walled-off bathroom, but the ability to customize the space to ones needs is something I've always preferred about larger rooms.

I suppose one could just build a studio, instead of a multiple bedroom cottage. How much do you think it would cost to hire somebody to build a studio cottage like you're saying?

Does anybody know how much 25 foot and 41 foot yurt platforms would cost to build?

And yes, I moved to the PNW because I prefer the west coast. I grew up in the south, and that, and I think the midwest, is not for me.

I'm open to other suggestions as well. I was looking into earthbag building once, but I'm not sure if these kinds of structures can be built in the area. Someone mentioned this architecture site on a forum: Starseed Creative Starseed Creative They're based out of Oregon, so I'll email them to see what they know.
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