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Insulation Worries

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Old 03-17-2014, 09:04 AM   #11
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Default Re: Insulation worries

Well I guess it would be kinda hard to attach the panels together through the roof liner. lol I'm tellin ya.

Maybe a quarter section of the roof panels could be attached to each other and folded up accordion style for moving etc. They could be tied off to screw eyes up at the roof ring, from inside the yurt, and also at the lattice crosses. The roof cover would hold the four sections in place along the edges. Just thinking out loud here.
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Old 03-23-2014, 09:49 AM   #12
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Default Re: Insulation worries

Bob I am going to check out those products. Winters that it will have to take me through will have some nights to -40, just seen from this past winter. Here in northern MI we have had -29 this winter. The Mongols routinely survive in colder weather, with much poorer



I am looking into the wool carpet padding for both under the roof and the walls just under tyvek on both. But the roll foam sounds good also. Well worth looking into.

I have my wood stove bought, it moves west when I do. I should say we, my pack goats and dog(s).

Your experience on all of this is appreciated, this is my first yurt, but has been forming in my mind for almost 5 years, morphing as the time goes on. But I can about visualize it now. Off white outside and in, red painted door and frame, red khana and rafters, with rugs and hangings.

It will be, hopefully before the next winter.

The khana slats will be local cut, air cured ash sliced from bigger boards, the rafters the same, all packed on the floor of my van when I move. The deck etc will be bought where we will be.

Life goes on. Planning ahead can keep most of the sharp sticks out of your eyes.

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