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Masonry Heater
Chimney exit II/profile view
Chimney exit.
Doors & ports in.
Perlcrete cap on.
Concrete brick facing partially complete. ~1/4" air gap maintained between the core & facing using cardboard, which is removed after the mortar sets....
The very top. To be capped/filled with perlcrete & mortar.
The boring backside.
The facing is finally complete! All 225 bricks.
The top, with the chimney/stovepipe hole which still needs some work (right-most bricks not mortared in).
Upper half of upper bell. The firebrick spanning the U-shape blocks heat from a direct path to the chimney, which will exit through the little...
Left side with cleanout port.
Lower half of upper bell for heat exchange. Note the cleanout access opening on the left side.
Outer core up. Now to build the firebox inside it.
2nd course.
Cast refractory tile for spanning/capping the firebox.
Air gap. I finally got a grout sponge for cleaning up the smeared refractory mortar. 
Next level is the heat exchange channel/bell.
Front of heater. Gray 2" thick piece is tile for spanning the core.
Firebox with vermiculite baffle on top.
Firebox finished. Note interior bricks blocking the air flow passage between the inner & outer core.
Front of heater
Firebox--front view
Heater core up to firebox floor.
Steel sheet on top of cinder blocks but under concrete for distributing load.

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