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Looking To Get Idea Of Cost

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Old 02-07-2020, 03:14 PM   #1
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Default Looking to get idea of cost

Hi I live in Connecticut and have very little knowledge about yurts. I am looking to put one in my backyard for a single person full time living situation. Preferably made of wood,


, solar powered as I think it would be too difficult to attach power to my house. Also, how do people hook up water for showers? Just a rough idea of cost would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration

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Default Re: Looking to get idea of cost

Well solid wood yurts are generally expensive, but more code friendly (to the naked eye).

Freedom Yurt Cabins

have a price list for the yurt itself here:


Again, those are much pricier than architectural yurts which are wood framed, but vinyl/polyester skinned, you see with other companies like

Pacific Yurts


Colorado Yurts

. These can usually pass most code rules.

With traditional yurts you may find having a hard time getting code approval in bigger towns/cities when it comes to hooking up utilities.

As for all the other work such as hooking up water, electric, etc., those should be basically the same as it would be for any structure.

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Blue Ridge Yurts
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Default Re: Looking to get idea of cost

Hello my name is James, you have and open ended question there on cost, and who is this yurt for, can they climb steps,

To answer your question about cost tho, it can be as cheap as you make it or expensive, I have been in yurt that I would not sit down on there gold plated couches, and also the other extreme cause I thought something was going to eat me, but that is where people are in there lives so it was the best yurt for them, there are no wrong yurts, but if you want it self containe look into sand point well/driven well they have a couple of names check your code most sand point well do not need a permit, just time and you will get in shape, I know most people will tell you not to put anything in the middle but, if you put a bathroom in the middle the bed ontop like a loft, then you can put a kithcen a living room and stuff around the bathroom hook your water up just like your house look for a composting toilet or a whole house flush composting toilet I have those really cool you flush it like a toilet then it goes to a composter, collect your other water bath water sink water etc in a 55 gallon drum and use it on your garden, if you get rabbit there poop is great fertilizer and most city will not care if you get them , now you have a source of meat, or you can sell them as pet, its the poop you reallly want, with the sand point or driven well same thing I have 4 supplying my house but I just have to treat my water for lyme, its also the water table is only 25 feet down I hit water at 10 and I have 4 65 foot sand point well connected together and I have 800 gallons of filter water for the house that the well keep full, solar is a very good source of power but if you build a electricless water fall the pumps work off the energy of the falling water and you can use a water generator very cool,

or you can forget all that , build and outhouse run a garden hose thru the door, and use battery operated lights and thru a cot in there,

you see there is no wrong yurts unless you let someone else tell you how to decorate your yurt, we can give you advise on how we done it, but you must make the yurt yours

good luck on this wonderful adventure and I wish you the best of health
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