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Renting Yurts In New England Winters?

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Old 10-16-2020, 04:38 PM   #1
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Default Renting Yurts in New England winters?

Hello, I know the condensation issues for winter yurts have been discussed here ad nauseum. However it seems most of those with success are living in there yurts. Is anyone having success combating winter condensation with renters? Preferably in a heated yurt, one separate bedroom, kitchen+bathroom, with northern New England winter climate? Was hoping to keep skiiers/snowmobilers cozy in a high-end yurt interior. I'm struck that most of the anecdotes about winter yurt living is in places like CO which I think have dryer air or have constant wood burning stoves/or vent thru the



I'm not sure these are feasible condensation mitigation methods with renters? At least not unless someone is near-site to "climate control"? Was primarily looking at

Pacific Yurts


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Default Re: Renting Yurts in New England winters?

Insulate the yurt with wool felt. Problem solved.
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Default Re: Renting Yurts in New England winters?

We have a blog entry discussing


control that might be helpful: https://www.yurts.com/deal-moisture-...Wul095ytvF_jWk. If you plan to have a bathroom with shower in the yurt one thing that helps is to install an exhaust vent in the bathroom with a timer switch rather than a simple on/off switch. This way renters will not turn of the exhaust fan when they leave the bathroom, better enabling the


to be vented back outside.

It might be helpful for you to search New England states on the Yurt Vacations page of our website (https://www.yurts.com/yurt-vacations/) and email some of the folks listed there to see what methods or policies they have in place.
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Default Re: Renting Yurts in New England winters?

Separate small building with the bathroom and kitchen. Not sure if that is possible for you. That is what we did, Groovy Yurt and Tiny House.
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pacific yurts

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