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Platform Frustrations

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Old 11-12-2022, 04:59 PM   #1
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Default Platform Frustrations

I'm getting frustrated there are so many ways to build a

yurt platform

without any clear answers or specific ways. I have been referring to the 24' Yurt blueprints from Colorado Yurt Company and

Pacific Yurts

. Trying a hybrid version of the two, yet neither call for foam board


plan, which I'm doing some 2" sandwiched between a bottom seal of plywood and 2x6 tongue & groove flooring on the top.

Today I broke ground, thinking I made progress. Thinking it was ok for the 4x6 beans to be sitting on top of the concrete footers I bought from Home Depot, which I had to notch with a cement saw to hold them snug (they were designed for a 4x4 post). Now I'm reading on these forums in another thread that the platform should be at least 2 feet off the ground for air ventilation, which this would not be. Some beams will be touching the ground a bit actually but they are treated for use up to 40 years even with direct contact. The concrete footers also wouldn't be below the frost line and I live in MI. I was under the impression this is ok since floating decks move up and down with the frost. My soil is loamy. Neither sandy not clay. Now I'm reading on other posts in this forum they should be below the frost line. I can't bury them below the frost line and not have my beams on the ground.

Is all the work I did today placing, digging and making the cement pads level with a laser level a waste of time? Where do I go from here? Or should I be fine? Will humidity really be a big issue? It's exposed and breezy where I am putting it...not wooded and I don't live in the PNW...

Looking for guidance/reassurance.

Thanks on advance!

See image below. (The 2x4 frame is just to help string where the beams should be and the orange flags show the 24' radius walls.)


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Old 11-14-2022, 11:56 AM   #2
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Default Re: Platform Frustrations

OK thanks for the photo. I suggest simply clearing the grass from under the platform, and carry on with the build.

My platform is within a few inches of the ground, as yours is. I built it with pressure treated lumber in ~2013. No problems. pics are in google images:

Bob Rowlands homemade yurt

Mine is the rustic yurt with green door and vertical rafters either side. There are a couple shots of the platform where it sits on the pads.

If you use standard construction lumber or sheet goods for flooring, back prime the material that faces down. You're doing fine.

Things are gonna work out for you. Enjoy your work, your good health, and have fun with your project..
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Pacific Yurts - The original modern yurt


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