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Monolithic Yurt Project

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Old 09-22-2012, 12:32 PM   #1
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Default Monolithic Yurt Project

Hi all! My first post, so please bear with me

I've built twp and a half yurts from scratch, using the info from simplydifferently.org, and my own experience building. They were all a success, and provided wonderful shelter and space. One was a 12 footer, camping yurt (short.. only 6 feet at the crown) and the other, a grander one (20 feet, better than 9 feet at the crown). Alas, I have had to let both of them go as I moved cross country.

So, from that experience, I understand all of the elements of putting together a proper yurt, pseudo-monogolian style.

My interest this moment is in building a more resilient structure that is yurt like, for the purposes of making it literally mobile.. a moving yurt vehicle. This would be used for various festivals, and the frame of it would be used by itself for camping with groups of people.

Hence, Monolithic Yurt.

The idea is to build a rigid, connected structure according to the basic geometry of the yurt, but having 12 or 13 stronger, monolithic members, and a sectioned solid wooden ring for each course. Vertical struts at each connection point, as well as stringer struts at the halfway points in between. The roof members would be slightly radiused, and all members would be made up of laminated pine timber, each lamination element having a dimension of something like 1/2" by 2", to accomodate the round structure. The ring where the roof poles connect to, the middle ring, would have a cable going all around to accomodate the stress at that point. To add strength and to support the canvas on the outside, I'll be adding a course of cross fastened ropes from middle to bottom ring, in a sort of "faux khana" arrangement.

I would love to geek out about this design, get input as to technique and materials, and all around just work on the idea in general. I am about to do some real diagrams and calculations, so I'll be able to post some detail as well, as time goes on!

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Laurel Nest makes a mobile yurt that is mounted to a trailer. The "Yurtle." I think they're 12'. Might check into that for some ideas.
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I have see another yurt mounted on a trailer but can not find it right now. Many friends have talked about this using a fold down floor on the trailer (for a larger yurt) and then assembling the yurt when parked.

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