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Add 2nd Door To Existing Yurt

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Old 12-30-2021, 07:15 PM   #1
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Default Add 2nd door to existing yurt


We have a 30 Colorado yurt and want to add a 2nd door to an already existing yurt. Is that possible to do?



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Default Re: Add 2nd door to existing yurt

Aloha Melissa,

It can be done but it isn't without it's challenges. If it's their old roof to wall lacing system then you'll need to cut the lacing on either side of the intended door and tie it off. The roof is not designed with a door cut out or rain diverter if you're adding the door. You'll also need to cut the walls, wrap the rope into the ends of the walls, chemical weld that seam and get the trailer molding if you want to somewhat replicate the way they connect the walls to the doors. Maybe they could send you a kit with H-66, the rope, and trailer molding? Give them a call, I'm sure they'll be receptive to giving advice and assistance. Good luck!

PS - A window is MUCH easier to add.
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Default Re: Add 2nd door to existing yurt

I bought my 24’ yurt used and it had two doors. Very lucky because I know I would not have sprung for the second door. I now think a second door is pretty important safety wise. Even if you never need it for safety, it’s just super handy in day to day living. It lets in nice lighting, makes summer venting a breeze , Gives you double the outside “space”. I will often sit on the step in the morning watching the sun come up, my back to the open door. The cat wanders over. Can chat with someone in the yurt. It’s just a nice feel. Very different from any other spot right outside a “walled” section of yurt. Totally worth the extra money!

My yurt also came with a “wall window”. Nice, but I had to button it all up every winter and got tired of doing it. Now just stays buttoned up year round. Just my experience, yours might be different.
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