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Radiant Floor Heating In Your Yurt

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Old 01-15-2014, 05:59 PM   #1
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Default Radiant Floor Heating in your yurt

Bob over at Juicymaters.com had a good writeup about his experience putting in radiant floor


in his yurt. What I liked about this article is that he installed it once in his main yurt, and is now installing it in the bedroom yurt he is adding on. He discusses the changes he made in the design from his first install to his second.

Anyway, here's the link:

Yurt living...improvements on my previous radiant floor heat info

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Default Re: Radiant Floor Heating in your yurt

I just wanted to post a few things on radiant heat systems. when i installed the pipes in a slab we used 2 inch foam with staples or wire mesh to anchor the pex pipe. when putting it into floor joist we use aluminum heat plates with groves to drive the pipe into.these plates are about 2 foot long with a grove bent into the plate to hold the pipe.the plates screw to the floor between the joist and you just tap the pipe into the track with a bat. One thing to remember to keep the loops close to 300 ft. any longer and the circulator has trouble pushing the water through. and try and keep water temp in the neighbor hood of 180 degrees. I hope this helps. i have done radiant in several houses and 4 large airplane hangers.
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Blue Ridge Yurts
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Default Re: Radiant Floor Heating in your yurt

Wow! I've trim carpentered on several homes that have radiant heat. Man it is REAL nice sitting down for lunch and having that warm slab heat your as.... um ..gluteus maximus. lol
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