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The Wiring Adventure Continues

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Old 04-20-2023, 08:23 AM   #1
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Default The Wiring Adventure Continues

My brother and a friend stopped up to give me a hand on finally wiring up the yurt proper. For years I have simply used extension cords to my inverter. It worked; it was cheap, but it worked. The only real thing that ever held me back is just my gaping ignorance when it comes to electrical work. Electricity is still magic to me lol.

Anyway, I did my best ordering up what I thought was needed and got MOST of it right, though we did have to make a couple runs to the hardware store in the end.

Everything is 120 from the inverter still, even though the panel is for 220, we are just using 1 bar basically. It would never throw the main breaker that way, so we used an old fused 30 amp safety switch between the inverter and the panel just to be safe. I want the option of upgrading to 220 someday. Fortunately, the inverter comes with a terminal block, which delivers 100% of its 4000/8000pk watt capacity (the AC outlets on the inverter on the other hand only deliver 1,800 watts).

We mounted the Samlex charger right on the wall next to it all with a dedicated 20amp line to the panel. An inlet RV plug outside allows me to power the panel when needed, by the generator so I can have power and the charger can charge the batteries when solar is not available. We also installed an interlock switch so you can't run load from the generator and the inverter at the same time.

We made sure we could isolate everything. The inverter, the batteries, the panels and the charger controller.

We added 14 outlets, including 2 outdoor ones. There are outlets everywhere now lol.. I reclaimed 6 heavy duty extension cords in the process. It just looks and feels so much cleaner now!

The next step will be to build the insulated battery box. Going to do that later this summer. Anyway, I figured I would share.

Click image for larger version

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Default Re: The Wiring Adventure Continues

Good e job on tidying up, bubbadoo.
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