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My 16' Home Scratch Build Yurt
My homemade yurt. Work in progress.
I had hoped to beat the snow, but I didn't quit make it.  I put the deck about 2 feet off the ground to keep it above the snow. (we'll see if that...
The temporary tarp in place (make your mistakes on the "cheap" stuff).
My father helped when a second set of hands was needed (which has been nearly every day).
Remaining roof poles cut and placed.
026 Test fitting the yurt.
025 Installing the lip.
024 Trimming the plywood.
022 Framing the deck.
After a few modifications!  I welded five sockets onto the ring and slid the roof poles in.  After adding most of the remaining poles and tightening...
Wood roof poles, metal pins, and a metal roof ring. It had a tendency to spiral down and in on itself.  The roof is precariously balanced on three...
I made a jig to drill the ends of my roof poles and cut 46 metal pins to fit.
This is my roof ring. I have since welded four braces or spokes into the center.
My door frame in the rough.
My roof poles were cut from 2x2s, I knocked the corners off on a table saw.
I was very pleased when I reached this point.
I knotted my lath.
I ripped them.
I started with 16 foot 2x4s.  They were clear of knots, the 8 footers were not.

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