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Yurts in Asia
Mongolian and Kazakh style yurts where I have stayed while travelling in Asia.
Yurts and horses on Lake Ugii's shore.
Yurts clusters are a common site.
Little yurts on the prairie.
Cranes working the grass.
A little better version of the cranes and the goats and sheep.
All the horse tack laying around in the grass so maybe it will get dry after days in the rain.
Taking a young horse home.
Our camp spot.
Another rainy day in the 8 lakes area.
A yak after being dressed for business, packing business.
Something has their attention.
Most of the yurts I saw were actually this grey color.  They look white because they have a polyester cover that is just slipped on to make them...
Yurts across a lush meadow.
Interesting saddles and horses.
At a state park.
If there aren't trees, you sit on the rocks.
Low clouds and drizzle.
The horse herd around the yurt.
Working with a young horse. The "mini-Gobi" is in the background.  An area of growing desertification.
A beautiful day with a brilliant sky.
Satellite and solar.
This is a skin they use to store and make "aeric", fermented mare's milk.  Every day they add to it and take from it, but they also spend about 1/2...
About dark, and a storm is coming.
Rain is coming, again.
About sundown.

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