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Sharing Some Love For Shelter Designs Yurts

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Old 02-19-2015, 06:26 PM   #1
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Default Sharing some Love for Shelter Designs Yurts

I posted yesterday about successfully getting a bank loan with the help of

Shelter Designs

Yurts then realized it may be helpful for me to share more about why I chose to work with

Shelter Designs

for my yurt purchase in the first place! My wife and I recently ordered a 30’ eco yurt from SD with arctic


and glass windows for full time living. For any others doing their research on the forum about their own yurt purchase: I hope this info is helpful!

First off, I love supporting local when I can, but I did not let that be the final determining factor in my decision. It ended up being a BONUS SD was in Montana like myself. I called all the major yurt-building companies and found that they all had pretty decent customer service but here is a list of why I ended up going with Shelter Designs.

- STANDARD OPTIONS: Upon digging I noticed that what SD offered standard was what many other companies offered as additional ad-ons and additional $$$. Things like tall walls, standard doors and awnings over all the doors/glass windows. I was sold on the glass windows and have a feeling the first big storm we experience will illustrate the value of those awnings... When I asked why those additions were standard they explained that is just the practical version of the yurt they offered. They didn’t want to shim the price and leave things like window awnings out only to have me suffer and kick myself later. Which brings me to my next point…

- CUSTOMER SERVICE: Every time I called or emailed I got a quick response from Hays (co-owner). I know that SD is growing and constantly busy, but Hays always took the time to answer any and all questions I had about our purchase or yurt living in general.

- YURT LIVING EXPERIENCE: Both owners have lived in yurts in North Western Montana. Their designs reflect the knowledge gained from living in some of the harshest environments possible (ie window awnings to protect glass as standard option). For my plans to live a yurt year round, I definitely found their insight and advice an asset.

- QUALITY OF MATERIALS: Admittedly I am a nerd for materials. I asked about the wood, the canvas, even the

tension cable

and found, once again, SD beat out the competition in such areas. For example they use a 3/8”

tension cable

as opposed to 3/16” or ¼” offered elsewhere. Although other diameters are probably totally fine…I like knowing it is the biggest cable offered on the market today when feet of snow inevitably pile on our roof…



: Huge selling point for us. The arctic insulation essentially DOUBLES efficiency for heat retention. Hoping to laugh in the face of the first Montana winter we battle with this upgrade (or at least cry less haha).

- THE ECO YURT: Ok this was a splurge but I am so glad we went for it. The eco yurt has rafters and snow legs made out of locally sourced lodge pole pine. Best of log cabin with best of yurt! This was a sexiness thing and nothing more haha.

-THE WEBISODES: Being a visual learner, the video content is great and was helpful as I continued to dream about my yurt. Was just informed by Hays they are continuing to make webisodes based on FAQs from customers. Was sold on the bottom hook and loop option after their strength and attachment video. Here is a link to their vids: Videos

These are just some of the points gathered from my 'where to buy a yurt' research. There are a lot of great yurt companies out there. If you do your homework you will be happy with your investment no matter who you choose. Just thought I would share some insight from my experience and give a shout out to Shelter Designs Yurts!


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Default Re: Sharing some Love for Shelter Designs Yurts


Really cool to hear about your experience. I'm actually headed out to Montana next month to check out the potential of buying some landing and building a yurt with the girlfriend. I want to head up to Missoula to see the guys at Shelter Designs while I'm there. Many of the points you have made regarding their construction has impressed me as well. I was hoping you could shoot me an email so I could ask you a few questions about the experience you have had and about building a yurt in Montana. Thanks!

Andrew.Mullen11 at gmail.com
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shelter designs

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