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Looking To Build An Extra Guest Room With Yurt Or Dome

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Old 07-19-2016, 12:52 PM   #1
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Default Looking to build an extra guest room with yurt or dome

I live in Oakland so it doesn't get too cold. I want to build a Yurt or geodisic


to rent to a friend. Im not sure which would be better/cheaper. Also I imagine I still need



Im thinking 12'.

Any help appreciated.

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Default Re: Looking to build an extra guest room with yurt or dome

copy and paste:

clan yama kaminari home

Click on 'make it' on the top left of the front page. Once that is achieved, scroll down to yurt/ger construction. There is a 12' yurt with full instructions and sizes on build. I made the 14' and 16' versions. To see the yurt, copy and paste:

google images Bob Rowlands home made yurt

Mine is the trad yurt with the green door. There are at least a half dozen images of my yurt there with detail shots. Have fun and good luck.
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Default Re: Looking to build an extra guest room with yurt or dome

As a guest room 12 ft diameter might work but there was some discussion recently if that was big enough, at least for full time living--see thread "12 foot--cozy or too small" in Building a Yurt. Without a wood stove in the middle it might be doable. 14 or 16 ft might be more appropriate and still relatively simple to build, if you have the space for it.


can be anything that prevents air movement without conducting too much heat. Just watch out for the conditions that could cause decay or invasion (moisture or easy access for vermin, usually). It all depends on your pocket book, building requirements, & ingenuity.
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