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Building A 40' Yurt In The Uk

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Default Building a 40' yurt in the uk

Hi all,

I work as a designer and furniture maker in the UK.

For a client I am looking into redesigning and engineering a 40' yurt to be used as a permanent wedding venue around Bristol/Bath area. Along with a smaller 30' and 20' version.

I am looking to make this into a modern version, and more of a permanent structure by creating stronger ribs, instead of relying on the trellis to take the weight, allowing any side to be left open, allowing the space to be more flexible for its intended use.

I would have any design signed off by a structural engineer, but wondering if anyone has any advice for designing such a large structure.

Many thanks


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Default Re: Building a 40' yurt in the uk

A 40' yurt is huge, and assuredly needs an engineering stamp on the plans to get built.

As a rule, building departments aren't going to know jack about yurts, but they just might be able to stear you to an engineer or engineering firm. Just a guess. I'm unfamiliar with any 'yurt' engineering source. You might contacting a yurt company that offers a 40' yurt for engineering help. Wish I could offer better advice. Good luck with your project.
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Default Re: Building a 40' yurt in the uk

stear? Make that steer. Yup, ahms edjimuhcated awright. lol
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Default Re: Building a 40' yurt in the uk


Best practice is to set up your circumference as a multiple of whatever wall sheet size you plan to use so you don't have to cut them as well as have an standard number of studs in the walls over their width. Rafter loads want to transfer directly onto the studs of course.

The tension band should be pretty stout - we place ours at the top of the wall (with steel brackets to attach the rafter to the wall) but also can add a band to the end of the rafters if you expect large snow or wind loads. Interior bracing in the roof is an issue in that case too. You can use tension or truss structures for that.

We like metal roofs from farm grain bins. We aren't in the sheet metal fab business so find a supplier with one that will fit your plan and design around that. Makes spare parts easy too.

Have fun with your design. It's not rocket science but needs attention to detail to get the code requirements right.

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