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4"x1" Khana Laths, So What Intersection Spacing Would Be Ok?

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Default 4"x1" khana laths, so what intersection spacing would be ok?

I found a good deal on 4"x1" timber (100mm x 25mm), and I'm looking for opinions on how far apart you'd space the khana laths, with such large and strong lengths of timber making up the khana.

I think at least 26" (65cm) would be fine... maybe even as much as 80cm. Or heck, why not 40" (100cm).
I'm referring to across the squares, as in the picture.

There's no snow here for roof loading, wind isn't too much of a problem. The wood is Pinus Radiata, which has been fine for my two previous yurts.
This is for a 30ft yurt (9.15m), and this one is going to be a workshop.

Before anyone suggests ripping the 4x1 down to a more reasonable 2x1, there are too many knots to make good 2x1, but the 4x1 size handles the knots fine.

Thanks for the opinions.

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Default Re: 4"x1" khana laths, so what intersection spacing would be ok?

That should be plenty strong. Go for it. Be aware large knots in 1x that are half the width of the board are going to substantially reduce the strength. With the redundancy of a yurt khana I doubt it will be too much of a problem. Have fun with your work.
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