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Yurt Insurance

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Default Re: Yurt Insurance

Adding wood to a lattice style yurt will only weaken the structure. They are designed to flex and wood sides or roof are rigid. They also aren't designed for that kind of weight. A well manufactured yurt is typically rated for winds up to 120 mph. You will need to go with a top manufacturer,

Colorado Yurts

are always too of my recommendations for quality, engineering, and stellar customer support. The engineering portion is important if you want to permit. To get


, most carriers want permits and engineering. Aloha,

Yurts of Hawaii

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Old 04-04-2018, 10:58 PM   #52
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Default Re: Yurt Insurance

Beats the heck out of me. Good luck.

I've lived through two hurricanes in Louisiana back in the late 50s. I built a yurt and it is solidly anchored to a deck and to several concrete ground anchors. FYI, any yurt exposed to a real hurricane is gonna be 'Gone With the Wind'. Wall covering won't make a whit of difference. It'll be shredded. It's a tent, not a concrete blockhouse. Even a yurt solidly anchored at every lath cross to a concrete pad, and with the roof rafters lashed to the ground, is gonna be destroyed. Believe me.
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Default Re: Yurt Insurance

Don't let the stop you from building your yurt. However if you do so, and know a 4 or 5 category hurricane is gonna pass through, you need to evacuate the area, or at least get to real substantial shelter.
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