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Store In A Yurt?

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Old 06-22-2013, 06:33 AM   #1
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Default Store in a Yurt?

(note: if someone has an idea for a better thread to post this in, please let me know)

I'm looking for information about using yurts as buildings for retail stores.

I need anything you might believe relevant: examples, suggestions, building code issues, security, etc.


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Old 06-22-2013, 07:29 AM   #2
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Default Re: Store in a Yurt?

I think the one thing you will have to consider is multiple doors for fire exits and you may also want to consider at least one standard window. Most manufacturers offer standard (glass) windows. I say that so you can add an air conditioner for summer months or if you are in a warmer climate.

What part of the world would you be putting this store?
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Default Re: Store in a Yurt?

Originally Posted by Jafo View Post
What part of the world would you be putting this store?
The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. *Heavy* snow loads. Local zoning allows yurts as permanent buildings if they can handle the snow. One of the local ski hills has about five yurts.
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Default Re: Store in a Yurt?

Hi Yooper Jim,

Great idea! Looking at our experiences using yurts for commercial applications Jafo nailed it. The design of the yurt has to meet code for adequate exits in case of fire. Usually this means at least two doors which need to swing out of the yurt for easy exiting in case of fire or other emergency. All of the fabrics used will need to meet flame resistance codes too (which most in use by yurt companies already do). The yurts will also need to be ADA compliant, meaning a ramped access to the yurt,a ramped threshold on doors and lever style handles. As you pointed out the yurt will need to meet local building code requirements for snow and wind loading and the platform will need to be built accordingly as well. Plumbing and wiring codes will need to be met, smoke alarms, etc. Most yurt companies should be able to work with the loading requirements and have the ability to show engineered plans. You may have to get specifically engineered plans for your project, but again most companies should be able to do this.

As with any building security should be considered. In my experience if someone wants in a structure (yurt or no) bad enough they will find a way. A security system may be a good idea to protect your investment.

Then it comes down to designing the space to suit your needs. How many square feet do you need? How many customers would you like to have in the store at once? Glass windows (as Jafo pointed out) may be nice for an AC unit in your hot, humid summers. Site placement is very important for the yurt. Again, your yurt company should be able to work with your ideas, plans and budget and make suggestions on design and layout that work for you.

It sounds like the local authorities are ok with yurts as long as they can meet snow load requirements, which is a huge plus already.

Good luck with your venture!
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