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alisa53 07-08-2015 10:46 AM

My husband and I will be putting up our first yurt soon. Have posted already regarding suggestions for platform. Also asking for suggestions regarding down-and-dirty flooring. We don't want to get fancy, but want a good surface that can be swept and/or mopped. Looking for suggestions, tips, wisdom, whatever you can or want to offer. Thanks!

Bob Rowlands 07-08-2015 01:29 PM

Re: Flooring?
I wanted a cheap but tough floor in my yurt. I installed regular old 2x6s atop the framing. After 1.5 years I've found it is a superb floor that requires no particular care at all. Basically I treat it like a residential deck.

I primed both the faces and the edges of the 2x6s before installation. I butted the boards tight knowing they would dry and gap out, and they did. I let the wood dry a few weeks and then caulked all the gaps. I top coated floor with exterior grade paint. I've since added another top coat but that was just to change the floor color.

Floor care doesn't get any easier. My yurt is uninsulated so I just roll up the wall cover a foot and sweep. I'll also hose it off when it gets really muddy and funked up. Couldn't be easier. Good luck.

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