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carbonebria 06-21-2015 12:21 PM

Yurt flooring
Hi all,

I just completed the framing for my 25 foot yurt that will be located in Central VT. Since we get quite a bit of rain and snow in this area, I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for the following:

I am installing 2x6 Spruce tongue and groove on top of PT beams and I'm wondering what is preferred for both a vapor barrier and insulation for under the flooring?

Does anyone have any experience with spray foam insulation? I am hoping that this may solve any moisture issues as well as insulating the floor....

kochevnik 06-29-2015 10:23 AM

Re: Yurt flooring
I am also interested in this topic. My 6m yurt is coming soon from Kazakhstan and I need to come up with flooring solution, however it should be portable.

@carbonebria Did you build your floor yet?


Bob Rowlands 06-29-2015 03:27 PM

Re: Yurt flooring
If I was thinking I'd be moving regularly, I'd absolutely consider siting my yurt atop the ground just as Mongolians do. All that's needed is to clear and level the site. Really it doesn't get any easier. Wherever you go the landlords gonna be happy because you haven't done anything to his property.

You could ditch the yurt etc. But, that's a whole lot of work and you'd need gravel fill etc. If it IS really wet ditching the yurt is a good idea, and you certainly don't need tpo fill a trench with gravel to do so effectively. Also I left info on your other thread about protecting the floor with a tarp. Good luck.

kochevnik 06-29-2015 03:34 PM

Re: Yurt flooring
Thank you Bob.

Bob Rowlands 06-29-2015 07:40 PM

Re: Yurt flooring
You're most welcome. Best of luck to you.

Corinarose 06-30-2015 11:14 AM

Re: Yurt flooring
Central Vermont folks~

I too live in central VT and have been living in my yurt for 4 years.
I know of some gals that spray foamed under their floor and it helped greatly. I used 2" of foam board underneath, but ultimately thick area rugs in the winter helped with comfort the most.

There are however many more issues to deal with regarding insulation and our vermont winters.
Please feel free to contact me and we can talk further.
[email protected]

carbonebria 06-30-2015 11:35 AM

Re: Yurt flooring
1 Attachment(s)
@kochevnik - To answer your question, yes I finished my floor last weekend (see pic). We used a foil faced bubble wrap for insulation on top of the beams then put down 2x6 tongue and groove flooring...it worked pretty well now all we need to do is cut the circle. Best of luck!

Bob Rowlands 06-30-2015 12:09 PM

Re: Yurt flooring
Beautiful surroundings. Very nice decking. More photos perhaps?

carbonebria 06-30-2015 12:29 PM

Re: Yurt flooring
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Thanks Bob!, sure here are some more pics of the progress thus far.

kochevnik 06-30-2015 12:37 PM

Re: Yurt flooring
Great project.

May I ask about cost breakdown if possible.

Thank you

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