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Jafo 04-19-2015 06:21 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
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Now it is time to wheel it in there. First, we laid the hand truck on its wheels, and we tied it off to a stud in side, just in case it should come flying back for any reason. My one son pulled with the rope, my other son pulled the hand truck, and I pushed it up.

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Jafo 04-19-2015 06:24 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
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Well, so much for the soapstone being hard to get out lol. Some fell out when we tipped it sideways, and I left two small fire bricks in there by accident. The one small brick actually broke. No big deal, but should have been more careful.

Attachment 809

Attachment 810

I had other camp duties to attend to (first day I have been able to drive in since Fall). I did all of that and took the rest of the day off! :)

Attachment 811

Jafo 04-19-2015 06:30 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
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On the second day, I took the old wood stove out and began working on the hearth. This meant I would be "roughing it" that night because the temps were to get down to 28F. I still had other camp duties to do, plus an unscheduled stop to the local hardware store as I brought the wrong thinset with me. However, I did get everything done. :)

Attachment 812

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Attachment 815

Good thing I remeasured here. I had a brain cramp and for some reason thought I needed to make the hearth 13 inches longer than necessary. That's why they say to measure twice. :)

Attachment 816

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Attachment 818

Attachment 819

Okay, break time. Cook some chicken and enjoy a fire! :)

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Jafo 04-19-2015 06:31 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
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Today I trimmed off the excess cement board and then grout the tiles. My shop vac bit the dust, but otherwise, everything went pretty smooth. I think almond was the right choice on the grout. :)

Attachment 822

Attachment 823

Attachment 824

Next weekend, we will actually get the new stove installed.

Bob Rowlands 04-19-2015 08:13 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
Good job. Thanks for the photos.

Zelig 04-21-2015 03:49 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
How appropriate that the photo immediately following the beer photo is blurry.

Jafo 04-24-2015 06:23 AM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
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My brother and my sons went up to the yurt last night just to get the stove on the pad. My brother and I are going to get it installed and fired today.

Attachment 825

Bob Rowlands 04-24-2015 08:40 AM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
I'll bet it's good to see that mo in place, huh? lol Looking forward to burn reports next heating season. Thanks for the thread.

Jafo 04-26-2015 04:47 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
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Okay, I just got back from our weekend. The install went well. We had temps of 20 degrees F and 30 degrees F each night. The first night I set the damper rather high (50%) and I had to reload it about 7 hours later. The next night I set it near 25% and 10 hours later it was still pretty comfortable in the yurt when I woke up (68 degrees) but the fire was down to coals.

That is a lot of variation on just a small change. I am thinking that after I use this stove a while, I should be able to get it to 12 hours @ 20f outside. I just have to get better at using a catalytic stove. I am learning a lot.

Here are some more pics:

Attachment 826

Attachment 827

Attachment 828

Attachment 829

Attachment 830

Attachment 831

Attachment 832

Attachment 833

Attachment 834

Attachment 835

Attachment 836

This was my daughters first time overnight at camp, she had a long day and passed right out lol!

Attachment 837

The trim is now done, as is the project.

Attachment 838

Bob Rowlands 04-26-2015 10:24 PM

Re: New Woodstove For The Yurt
Good job Jafo. That stove is a real piece of work. I like the supply air to it. BIG improvement over drawing air from inside the yurt. Sweet. Thanks for the thread and the details.

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