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Avrahm 12-01-2014 11:37 AM

Run-down Yurt refurbishing.
I just found this forum yesterday while desperately googling "yurt repair",I never expected to find anything. I built a yurt over twentyfive years ago, and hadn't set it up in more than ten years. Two years ago I set it up at a campsite, and it was disaster! Tears in the fabric everywhere, the sticks that held up the central
section of the roof were flat and I never had a proper working door.
Question1. Is there someone who can make me a new covering? All I had were two pieces of water-repellent light canvas: one long straight piece for the wall and a circular piece with a central hole for the roof. I was able to take in two folds that took up the excess canvas. I don't have any record of who did the canvas work.

Question2. I used split rattan pushed into holes in the crown to dome up the piece of canvas they covered the central hole. They were not up to the job.
What natural material could I use to replace the rattan?

I have several pictures in the album I recently added: Avrahm's Yurt.

Avrahm ben Aharon

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