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hierony 10-28-2014 11:58 AM

Yurt setup--single piece canvas
I recently got a 6 m dia yurt (frame, liner, and outer canvas). The frame was straightforward enough to setup, the liner easy to drap over the frame (not tied to anything...). But I'm having trouble getting the canvas to lie well.

The canvas is one piece--the wall section hangs down from the roof section, sewn together. There is a rectangular cutout for the door, with the two ends coming together/overlapping opposite the door. There are five loops on each side of the overlap, 3 on the roof and 2 on the wall portion. I pulled the folded canvas up at the door and spread it out in each direction.

The trouble I'm having is how to get the roof portion to lie correctly up near the crown ring/toono. Because of the liner/future insulation, I won't be able to really tie down the portion being overlapped. Just getting the whole canvas to sit at the correct height is very difficult. I know the wall portion will be held by the two or so ropes going around, but how to anchor the roof portion well escapes me.

I've tried looking at many different yurt company's instructions/videos, but haven't seen one with this design before. This yurt is from Adjoran Yurts, a small company in Hungary (some details are lost in translation). Any pointers/video/picture links would be greatly appreciated!


Bob Rowlands 10-28-2014 08:48 PM

Re: Yurt setup--single piece canvas
I made my own yurt and cover. To solidly anchor the cover to the roof ring, I sewed fourteen anchor loops around the 'ring hole'. I lash those loops to screw eyes embedded in the bottom of the ring. The cover can't possibly shift regardless of wind or weather.

hierony 11-02-2014 03:20 PM

Re: Yurt setup--single piece canvas
Hello Bob,

Interesting idea--if I continue to have problems I'll likely do the same. I'd worry about high winds/large pressure differentials lifting the canvas up and by attachment the crown ring, unsetting the roof poles (depending on crownring/pole attachment)...

The single-piece canvas seems to be a standard mongolian feature--just hadn't seen it explicitly before on american yurt websites. For the record, Mongol Yurts has an excellent photo guide for Mongolian yurts: http://www.mongolyurt.eu/guide_en.pdf

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