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ljamies1 09-15-2014 05:24 PM

Yurt vs. tiny house...?
I have built two yurts, one 12 and one 20 ft. I sold the 20, still own a 12, and have been considering building a 30ft. I would live in the 30 and turn the 12 into a bathroom.

However, lately I've been considering building one or more tiny houses vs. the 30 ft. This would increase my portability as well as circumvents most permitting issues. Any thoughts out there on the pros and cons if yurts vs. tiny houses? I've also wondered if any yurts have ever used a small (8x8) trailer to build a small outhouse on. Even been thinking of a tiny portable sauna trailer. I know this is a yurt forum but since I'm currently a turret figured if give it a go.

Thanks yall,

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