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jeritchie 08-13-2014 02:06 PM

Re: Best Yurts for Insulation
The closed cell foam is an interesting idea. What is its fire rating?

addicted56 08-17-2014 10:00 PM

Re: Best Yurts for Insulation
A cross post from my build thread and I will get more scientific data in the future. The closed foam polyethylene insulation does make a big difference, at least in keeping heat out. Here are some quick numbers from my yurt that contains a stock insulation from the MFG.

The most significant insulator though is FREE AIR. If only I can find an easier way to get the panels up in the rafters to give the air gap I have. Right now I am placing the pieces up in the rafters, marking them, pulling them out and cutting them, then placing them back up in the rafters using the wedged compression to keep them from falling down.

For those interested in some thermodynamics and test results in full sun and around 89F outside the top of our 30' yurt reads 112F with the MFG supplied double layer reflectix. With a piece of 1/2" (actually closer to 1/4") foam above the rafters it reads around 105F. With the foam cut to shape and with a 3" air barrier it reads 88. A Whopping 24 degree difference which in my mind makes the time and effort worth it. Who knows may even do the walls on the south side. This is with the AC on full blast, the top dome cracked open and doors closed by the way. I imagine that the top of the yurt without insulation would read well over 140 without the stock MFG supplied insulation. I might climb up and shoot the outside of the yurt fabric to see. I might even stick some R15 in between the two layers of insulation to see if it makes a difference but I feel the air itself will be sufficient.

Bob Rowlands 08-18-2014 08:37 AM

Re: Best Yurts for Insulation
My comment is in regard to friction fit of insulation in the rafter bays. There are wire cross ties that can be inserted between pairs of rafters, along the bottom edge, that will keep the insulation up in place. The insulation wouldn't require a wedged compression fit. Plus you'll have the required gap above the insulation.

Bob Rowlands 08-18-2014 08:38 AM

Re: Best Yurts for Insulation
Perhaps a member here will give a link to the source for purchasing-or making-the cross ties. I have only read about them.

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