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Kawidawn 06-02-2014 02:29 AM

Building a Yurt in Malaysia
My husband and I are moving to Malaysia and plan to buy and build a Yurt on some land we have purchased. This initially will be for us to live in and then to rent out - Glamping. Malaysia is hot all year round and does have it's rainy season which in turn brings humidity.
1. Anyone out there have built a Yurt in Malaysia
2. Is the roof insulation effective in deflecting the heat successfully?
3. Anybody have any suggestions on tackling humidity?
4. Has anybody out there built a wet room/shower/toilet that joins the yurt? If so any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Bob Rowlands 06-02-2014 07:34 PM

Re: Building a Yurt in Malaysia
For natural cooling, I roll up the bottom of the wall cover and tuck it in behind the lowest tension rope. That allows cool air from the ground in, and up and out the smoke hole. That will start a natural loop of cool air exchange.

Good luck.

Kawidawn 06-06-2014 12:02 AM

Re: Building a Yurt in Malaysia
Hi Bob thank you for your reply and advice it's much appreciated. I have also done a thorough search now of this great Forum and there are many fantastic suggestions. I just need to source the right Yurt for us now. I have been talking to several different Yurt makers in the UK and Colorado and they have all been very helpful.

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