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tisseyres-yurts 04-02-2014 07:58 AM

New yurt pictures of our set up
In case it is of interest, here is how we set up the single platform for the twin yurts.


They are up and looking great. We have not decided what to do to stop water coming in along the bottom but a recent suggestion from another yurt owner is to silicon a hose-pipe down in between the insulation and the rainproof cover.

We shall see.

Any feedback on the yurts and platform welcome. It took us two 6 hour sessions to get on the right track to set up the first yurt and then did the larger yurt in 6 hours total. Steep but satisfying learning curve!

We are situated in the South of France near Carcassonne.

Jafo 04-02-2014 08:37 AM

Re: New yurt pictures of our set up
I would have built a small round platform on top of the platform (you still can), so the edge of the walls would have ran over it. That would allow the water to fall away. I think if you try to silicone the hose-pipe, you will have standing water.

Otherwise, looking good! :)

Bob Rowlands 04-02-2014 09:48 AM

Re: New yurt pictures of our set up
I'll second Jafo. The cheapest 'second deck' solution is to build a circular 'yurt footprint' sized platform atop the deck out of dimensional 2X lumber layed flat atop the first deck, and perpendicular to the existing deck boards. Screw the 2X decking down into the existing decking with 3" plated deck screws. Find the center point, draw the circumference, set the saw to 1.5" and cut the line. Screw 3/8ths thick by 4" tall plywood rips vertically into the edge of the new 2X platform. That will effectively trap the wall lattice from popping off the platform. The wall cover rools down over the flashing. No water gets in.

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