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Surely Yurts - Steve 07-25-2018 01:49 PM

Re: Any successful New York State Code Divisions Approvals
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Originally Posted by CoraJ (Post 8999)
Full time.

We just finished one in Greene county, NY (right next door to Schoharie). We have done a total of 7 permitted in Ulster which is also very close to you.

The building code enforcement office requires wet stamped engineered plans from a NYS licensed architect that are specific to your site. If you hire us for the project, we can take care of all that for you.

You are welcome to come and visit the recently completed yurt in the Catskills. The proud owners are very happy with the product. They are glad to show the Surely yurt plans, building permit, and fresh certificate of occupancy.



Bob Rowlands 07-28-2018 01:32 PM

Re: Any successful New York State Code Divisions Approvals
Now that is a nice yurt. Good job Steve.

Fiber 06-22-2019 05:37 PM

Re: Any successful New York State Code Divisions Approvals
How do permit requirements change for temporary residences in Schoharie county? My primary residence is in Brooklyn and I'm looking at various places in the catskills for setting up a yurt for weekend camping. Totally off the grid, carrying in potable water, etc. I know there is some leniency around temporary structures up for fewer than 180 days at a time, and I could definitely see building a shed or setting down a shipping container to store the yurt in during the winter if it would lessen problems with code officials. Mostly I just want to practice permaculture gardening and go swimming in lakes bigger than the swimming pools I find in the city.

Bob Rowlands 06-23-2019 11:28 AM

Re: Any successful New York State Code Divisions Approvals
In my view nothing says waste of tax money like 'code officials'. In many ways American Indians had life about right. Live strong tough brave free. No 'code officials' were present.

trihartsfield 06-27-2019 05:08 PM

Re: Any successful New York State Code Divisions Approvals

Originally Posted by Shelter Designs (Post 3114)
The insulation codes have been a major roadblock for many prospective yurt buyers in the past looking to be "above board" and get a residential permit issued. We have seen it too many times and agree with Jafo, it is time manufacturers do something about it. We have taken the bull by the horns and are currently working with a local building department here in Montana to get three yurts fully permitted for residential use. We have designed a fabric yurts that meets the insulation codes (R49 roof, R21 walls and R30 walls), has a full ventilation system between the exterior fabric roof and insulation, meets flame spread ratings, and meets all snow and wind loading requirements. (75 lb ground snow load and 90 mph Exp C winds) The engineering analysis is being run now, and full drawings will be submitted very soon. After many meetings with the local inspector we are very positive that the project will go through and be approved.

Our client is ready and willing to do the full site plan, install a septic system and well, and basically jump through all of the hoops. The overall project will be expensive, but with our design the actual cost of the "codebreaker yurts" are not that much more expensive than yurts insulated with the radiant barrier. We are really excited about this development, it is past time that we figure out how to not have our clients hide or move somewhere that has less enforcement.

This is a pilot project of Shelter Designs and is still unfolding. Rest assured though, Shelter Designs is committed to solving the code dilemma and taking fabric yurts to the next level for those who want to go there. We will keep you all up to date as we move forward.

This sounds great! Keep us updated.

Are you considering manufacturing those for replacement covers?

trihartsfield 06-27-2019 05:12 PM

Re: Any successful New York State Code Divisions Approvals

Originally Posted by klhandler (Post 3110)
Thanks for the input. It is so frustrating meeting all these challenges. I thought the yurt was the perfect solution to the affordable housing crisis, while being ecologically sound as well. Now it seems like the system will not allow such a structure. It boggles my mind- I can buy a 200 year old mold infested, radon leaking, lead paint covered, asbestos filled, energy inefficient house and move right in. But I try to build a safe, energy efficient, clean, affordable home- and I'm blocked. Sorry to gripe, I just wish there was more of a liberal viewpoint on allowing people to live in the dwelling of their choosing, thats not a 2,000 square foot behemoth that comes with a 30 year ball-and-chain mortgage.

That is what you call a "government behemoth"!

Bob Rowlands 06-27-2019 06:18 PM

Re: Any successful New York State Code Divisions Approvals
IMO tax funded agencies of many-not all- stripes are pretty much staffed with folks that have been told to, 1) Follow orders and rules. 2) Don't do anything that makes big waves or you'll jeopardize your retirement. 3) Do nothing that could get your agency sued or otherwise cut the gravy train. 4) If you have surplus funds at the end of your fiscal year, spend it. Buy stuff like crazy so funding rolls in next year. And THAT my friend is the REAL truth, much of the time. In the real world of capitalist competition you gotta produce or you are out of work.

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