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Jafo 05-24-2013 09:39 PM

Making Home Edible
Over the last few years I have had a small goal in mind: Try to grow/find a plethora of different kinds of food all around my house and camp. I guess I just have it in my mind that every bite of food I get from my property is one less bit that has to be trucked to me. I have my annual vegetable and herb garden, but I have also gone to planting some apple trees. Instead of trying to keep weeds from growing in between pavers in my patio, I have planted creeping thyme. Now whenever we walk around out there, it smells delicious, plus we never have to buy it in the store, it is growing everywhere! In many of the flower beds I will add things like sage, basil, etc.. I have horseradish growing all over the place. I have inoculated several logs with Shitake and oyster mushroom spawn so we can cultivate our own. We have raspberries, strawberries and black berry plants all over our yard.

It seems that just about every where you look there is something edible growing hahaha. It is getting to the point where it is now an official full blown hobby to see how much stuff I can pack on our 1.5 acre lot here.

What are some of the things you guys are doing?

Copperpot 05-29-2013 03:49 AM

Re: Making Home Edible
I love this idea, I just joined the site and I've read a few of your posts already. Very cool.

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