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Roofio 02-20-2013 03:07 PM

Future Plans
Ive a long term goal to obtain land and build a yurt to live in full time with my girlfriend who is very into the idea. The biggest problem im seeing right now besides having money is getting the land. Would love advice on that.
As for the yurt, ive no intention of buying a kit from a company. From what ive seen i can get a 20' yurt built for no more then 1,000 to 1,500 dollars tops. I plan to use bamboo for the roof poles and lattice wall, got the idea from this guy from europe who has a site called simplydifferently.org where he even has a program set up in the site for calculating what seems to be everything one needs to build a yurt though he uses metric in it, but converting isnt hard. I would love any advice or tips any of you may have.
Im real big on camping and what not and have done mostly that for the last few years in california and virginia. Currently im in jobcorps training in carpentry. This site seems pretty cool and i hope this is the right section for this post.

Jafo 02-20-2013 03:11 PM

There is a lot of variables here. What kind of yurt are you looking to build and what climate do you plan on building it in? I think a bamboo yurt would be crushed by the snow we are getting right now here in Central NY, but may be perfectly fine if you are in Arizona for example.

How big do you want your yurt to be? What types of materials do you plan on using for the cover? Does it rain a lot where you are looking?

See what I mean? ;)

Roofio 02-21-2013 04:43 PM

Well im a big fan of the west coast. it seems northern california and southern oregon especially offers land i may hope to afford. colorado looks good too. As for bamboo holding up to snow, apparently the guy whos site ive mentioned has had his yurt in snow and it would seem hes been in france, and switzerland for winters. and im certain i can reinforce it if i feel the need. i want to go for a 20 foot diameter yurt. and plan to try an 8 sided crown wheel. the walls will be bamboo lattice, probably using cord or zip ties in carefully drilled holes to hold that together. for the cover, not sure on insulation. honestly prefer cold weather over heat so probably will use only a light insulation. maybe bubble wrap at some point. the top cover for the roof will be a heavy duty round pool PE tarp that supposedly has great uv protection, waterproof etc. found it on a tarp website. the outside of the wall will also be some form of heavy tarp that can withstand weather and sun. inside i will probably use white dropcloth or something similar, my girlfriend will be dying to paint all over the bloody thing with her art. not sure how ill do the flooring yet beyond just another tarp and dropcloth. will probably build some sort of deck under it. my intentions are to keep it so my yurt will still count as a temporary building in case i need to move it anywhere and to avoid as much BS as possible as far as permits go etc. my understanding is that something that still essentially counts as a tent doesnt require permits and such.... but learning in carpentry class.... codes are different county to county, state to state etc.

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