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TSRalex 04-28-2021 02:53 AM

Question about cutting the inner liner (roof)?
My work in planning my own yurt is progressing again, but now I am faced with a few puzzles as I consider cutting the inner liner for the roof:

My yurt should have a diameter of 8 meters (= 2513 cm circumference), the outside diameter of the center ring is 160 cm.

I thought of cutting strips in a cone shape and sewing them together, but I'm no longer sure whether my way of thinking is correct:

If I use a fabric width of 170 cm (= netto use of 160 cm), I need 16 strips to cover the outside diameter.
See green colored in the drawing.
Above, at the center ring, these tracks would only have a width of 10 cm and that makes me doubt the correctness of my considerations.

But if I use the strips as shown in the drawing in the color magenta, the sewing work will be less overall, but a little more difficult with the center ring.

So my question to the specialists here is whether you can tell from your inner liner how it is sewn (or cut)?

Or do you have any suggestions in which way to cut the fabric best?


Bob Rowlands 04-28-2021 02:14 PM

Re: Question about cutting the inner liner (roof)?
IMO green is gonna be one massive headache so I would not take that approach.

I made my outside yurt cover from a flat tarp I bought from mytarp, just like you are showing in purple diagram. I cut a rough hole about a foot in diameter in the center of the flat tarp, laid it on top of the rafters, hole in the center of the ring. Made a large fold in it so I got a conic fit of the tarp tight to the rafters. I marked that folded seam from inside the yurt with a sharpie. Allowed for lap fell seam and cut and sew. Reinstalled cover and it fit perfectly.

You could also bipass the folding technique and just cut to the center hole. Cut tarp on bias from edge up to hole. Roll that out atop the rafters, drag the cut edges past eachother until you had a tight conic fit to the rafters. Go inside and mark along the exposed cut edge, and add a couple inches of material for seam allowance.

To get the ring hole marked up I had the new conic cover in place o the yurt roof. I traced the inside ring diameter on the cover with sharpie, and added for seam allowance. Cut and sew. The whole cover was a perfect fit using easy mark in place technique.

I'd think the rafter liner could be fabricated using that technique. For a whole one piece liner, make the outside wall piece a few inches taller than the wall. Sew that to the roof liner at the wall line. I'd only go this route if the outside cover is one piece. If you want a two piece cover, as I did, just drape the roof liner down over the wall liner like the two piece outside covers. 8 meters is a huge yurt and a WHOPPING amount of one piece cover. Good luck.

TSRalex 04-29-2021 12:13 AM

Re: Question about cutting the inner liner (roof)?

Originally Posted by Bob Rowlands (Post 11159)
Good luck.

Thank you for your detailed input, Bob.

Especially the hint for a two piece solution was excellent, because I didnīt had that in my considerations. Iīll think about. :cool:

To use an flat tarp was the first idea, but I was not able to find some with the right characteristics.

Now my focus goes to an cotton fabric with an weight of 240gsm. Itīs anti-static, flame-retardant, shrink-resistant, tear-resistant, air permeable, fast drying, moisture absorbing and soft, what it makes easier during the handling at the sewing process.

Price/mē is approx. 3 USD.

Sewing will be made with an industrial sewing machine (long arm).

For the outer shell Iīll place an order to an professional manufacturer with HF-technology.

Here a an impression of the future Yurt:


Bob Rowlands 04-29-2021 09:54 AM

Re: Question about cutting the inner liner (roof)?
Good to hear. A long arm commercial sewing machine is 'the tool' for this work. You can do it Ralex. Make a plan and go for it.

Bob Rowlands 04-29-2021 01:43 PM

Re: Question about cutting the inner liner (roof)?
If you want to see my 16' yurt, copy and paste, and go to google images:

Bob Rowlands handmade yurt

Mine is the rustic yurt with extra rafters standing vertical either side of the green door. Wall cover hangs off each set of lath crosses. I kept the hanging loops small so the cover installs high and tight with no sag. A snap to install as well. The roof cover is lashed over the wall cover with the upper rope. Lashing mine over the wall kept the lap draft free.

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