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dickinson 02-05-2020 08:42 AM

Window Flapping Fix
Hi all,

I have three yurts on my property that are about 10 years old. Currently we tie the window cover flaps to the base of the yurts in three places (one on each corner and one in the middle) with ropes. This has worked for a while but with harsh storms some of the flaps have torn where they are tied down. Additionally, higher winds make the windows flap and bang against the walls.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I was thinking about retrofitting zippers onto them, but I don't see a way that I can sew the zippers in without taking off the canvas walls which seems like a lot of work. The noise from the flapping windows can be stressful when trying to fall asleep!

I greatly appreciate any and all thoughts!

Bob Rowlands 02-05-2020 12:18 PM

Re: Window Flapping Fix
I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV. I haven't actually done this on my yurt, but that ain't gonna stop this google expert. :D

You might try tying a wood stiffener, like a 2x2 or length of wood closet rod, to the ropes below the bottom edge of the window cover, and THEN anchor the ropes. Drill three holes, pass the anchor ropes through, knot the stiffener to the bottom of window cover, and then anchor the ropes. That might work.

Here's how I solved a similar problem. For quick weekend camping trips I'm way too cheap to buy a camper. So, I made a gable roof tent frame for the back of my pickup, out of 1", 30 degree wall tent fittings and 1" emt. In height the gable ridge is about a foot taller then the cab. So it is not all that heavy I can handle setting it over the bed myself. I drop the 4 legs into the side rail holes, and cam strap it to the anchors Toyota conveniently located at the inside corners knowing I was gonna do this. lol

First go around at camp I worked the brand new 17 oz treated rectangular canvas tarp over the frame and drape the long edge down over the sides of the bed, and started lashing it down. No flapping at night for me, no sireee. 200' of junk Walmart rope gonna take care of that. An hour later my tarp looked like the goatskin head tied to an African drum. First night it was windy and the grommets snapped against the side of the bed and scratched the paint. That's what you get for being ..frugal.

Round two. I drilled holes in the face of a 10'- 2x4 and lashed it to the grommets on each long edge of the tarp. An anchor line at either end of the 2x holds it taut to the truck. VOILA! Easy to roll out and roll up. Super taut. No grommet noise no flapping, no paint scratches. Plus a good way to get looks tooling between campsites on the way to lake. :D

That's it. Good luck.

dickinson 02-06-2020 09:08 AM

Re: Window Flapping Fix
A wood stiffener sounds like a good idea. Thank you Bob!! Your truck-tent sounds awesome :)

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