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Peregrino 02-02-2020 10:28 AM

Is a yurt a good short-term option?
I'm looking to buy some land in New Hampshire for 4-5 week summer vacations with my family. I am considering purchasing a yurt for this purpose.

Is it a good option for this purpose? I had originally thought that I could set up the yurt at the beginning of the stay and then store it for the rest of the year until the next trip. But it seems it may be better (easier) to keep it set up for the entire year.

Does anyone have any thoughts/advice about this?

Thank you!

Jafo 02-02-2020 04:01 PM

Re: Is a yurt a good short-term option?

Architectural (modern) yurts should be left up. Traditional yurts would do better being taken down.

Bob Rowlands 02-03-2020 04:43 PM

Re: Is a yurt a good short-term option?
You didn't mention size. If it is typical unimproved 20' diameter or less, has a cotton canvas cover, and you'll only use the yurt a couple months a year, dismantle it and store the >dry< canvas in a non humid environment. Another possibility is to cover the yurt with a huge tarp for the balance of the year. However this might lead to mold if left in a damp climate. Mold was a big issue with my yurt cover. I dismantled my yurt a couple weeks agoo, I'm done with them. Building a shed on the platform.

Pacific Yurts 02-06-2020 01:27 PM

Re: Is a yurt a good short-term option?
Bob is correct, that the size of the yurt could be a determining factor in whether you choose to dismantle the yurt or leave it up. Smaller yurts are quicker and easier to assemble and dismantle, so it wouldn't be a too much of a burden to do this occasionally. Larger yurts are often left assembled for longer periods of time due to the time and energy typically spent assembling and dismantling the yurt.

If you choose to leave the yurt in place year round be sure it has the appropriate features for the site/climate. Also be sure to heat the yurt and vent excess moisture (by opening the dome) before closing it up for long periods of time (if using a modern yurt).

Yurtman 02-06-2020 10:50 PM

Re: Is a yurt a good short-term option?
Have a look at the yurts I make. I sell quite a few to people in similar situations to yours.
My yurts are leightweight and portable and are quick and easy to set up.

Check out my website for more info

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