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Tree Bones 02-22-2019 04:32 PM

Camp Fire Yurt Workshop
Recovery and rebuilding after the Camp Fire presents an unique opportunity to participate in all aspects of the yurt building process. Everything from pre-assembly of all yurt parts including canvas, floor construction and yurt set-up will take place on a regular basis.

The Camp Fire Yurts Project is offering free yurt building workshops. Weekly events provide hands-on participation of all skills needed. Participants are encouraged to use this opportunity to recover from displacement caused by the Camp Fire. Currently we are preparing all the yurt parts and canvas in the Chico area and building floors and placing yurts on them through ought the Paradise, Migalia and Concow area.
This project started the first week of December 2018 and will continue as needed.


Fast and simple to build, portable yurts provide emergency shelter and can be the first step towards rebuilding a complete home.
All classes are held at different locations directly tied to recovery from the Camp Fire.

The intention of this workshop is to provide a learning experience for individuals to recover themselves, at the same time as contributing to strengthen and rebuild the community as a whole. Everything from portable saw-milling the raw materials to finished yurts are skills that provide a sustainable method for rebuilding a community.

All participants will have different needs along with limited time, resources and abilities. For this reason, all classes will have a focus on teamwork and long-term goals. Family, friends and groups work well with this in mind. All are invited to be a part of this team effort.

I will be in Chico for a week at a time as I am able. Many factors play a part in the schedule. We are currently scheduling floor builds and pre-assembly of different yurt components such as doors, canvas and hubs. There will be several on-site locations around the County for floor builds and set-up (a one-day project with hands on skills). Pre-assembly of yurt components will also be taking place in Chico.

At this time, I am asking for everyone to submit a request at the bottom of this page with an introduction and dates that you will be able to participate. This along with the goals of each participant will help me structure and schedule the ongoing schedule of floor builds, yurt parts and the set up process.

We are gifting some participants complete yurt packages sponsored by donations of cash, donations of materials and volunteers who just want to lend a hand up. Participation in this multi-faceted process is encouraged and requested if you are able.

Please visit campfireyurts.com for more information and registration.

You can donate to support this project here.

Tree Bones 03-06-2019 03:04 PM

Re: Camp Fire Yurt Workshop
We now have a Yurt Workshop schedule and calendar for March and April. Please visit Camp Fire Yurt Workshop Camp Fire Yurts for full details and booking.

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