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Vermontyurters 01-19-2019 12:36 AM

Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
Hi friends,

I feel like a ďlong time listener/ first time callerĒ over here. Iíve really appreciated all the knowledge shared on this page ever since we thought about building our yurt over a year ago.

We bought a Two Girls Yurt out of NH; we live in Vermont. The yurt stood for a year before we moved in, and weíve been in it since June.

We are experiencing a terrible challenge with moisture and mold. A few months ago, we discovered streaks of water dripping from where the ceiling insulation is taped together, staining the interior fabric cover and dripping down where the rafters meet the lattice.

I found mold growing on several sections of our drip edge (plywood edging along the perimeter of platform) and when I investigated found that the bottom of the interior wall layer (reflectix/ fabric combo) was sopping wet at the bottom and mildew present.

We opened the yurt up and I did some cleaning with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda to soak up any remaining moisture. Used a hair dryer to dry the fabric/insulation wall and replaced the drip edge.

This seems to be a losing battle and Iím going insane. Iím sensitive to mold and not feeling well on top of the stress of new mold discovery and repairs in the snowy and cold winter months.

Please help. Is this a condensation problem? What can we do? Our yurt maker doesnít have much to offer us it seems and has said that this hasnít happened before in his design. Weíve only lived in it 6 months and are already replacing so much. This is the third yurt Iíve lived in and first with this problem.

Iím at a loss. Please send advice!

-heat with wood stove, usually cranking daily and through night
-we cook inside but donít have running water. No showers inside but yes to dishes stovetop cooking.
-floor not insulated
-platform is on a slope with a range of 1-3 feet distance from ground
-although interior roof staining is mostly on north side of yurt, water is still drippping down between insulation side of interior fabric and cover and saturating the bottom section of interior wall fabric.

Jafo 01-19-2019 04:24 PM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
This sounds like a condensation issue. Yurts, like all structures, must vent. People often make the mistake of over-insulating yurts and trying to make them airtight. Look at your average home, they all have either ridge vents, pipe vents, soffit vents or gable vents. That is why you don't see the moisture issues there.

Have you ever camped in a tent? Just your own breathing creates moisture in it. The same applies to your yurt and cooking, melting snow that you tracked in, etc., all lead to this problem.

I assume your yurt has a dome? I would suggest opening this and venting your yurt on a daily basis, in fact, you should really only close it completely at night or when it is severely cold, like -20, for example.

Vermontyurters 01-20-2019 09:16 AM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
Thanks for your response, Jafo.

We have a center ring but it does not open. Opening the door isnít quite the same.

Surely Yurts - Steve 01-20-2019 12:55 PM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!

I'm in Vermont and can come and help if you are interested.

Last time I looked at one, the Two Girls yurt has sewn seams on the roof cover as opposed to heat seamed panels... I mentioned that to Ken and he says that they have never had any issues with that. I believe him but the industry standard is heat sealed panels...

So, You may just have a leak in the exterior roof cover at the seams or around where the crown piece meets the roof cover.

Jafo is absolutely correct, most yurt moisture problems are from improper ventilation. It is possible to install a screened roof vent and even add a small 12 volt fan which would help with moisture caused by condensation. Though, the amount of water you are talking about is likely from a leak.

Give me a call if you want to talk more. 802-SevenThreeZero-4519


Vermontyurters 01-20-2019 01:53 PM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
Thanks for your reply, Steve. We are in E Dorset - are you nearby?

We donít have the possibility of venting out the ceiling bc itís a closed roof ring with the stove pipe going ot the middle.

I bought an air purifier that also helps with humidity control, itís just hard to
Believe with our stove cranking all the time!

I just double checked the outside cover. The roof is hear seamed and the walls are sewn.

The yurt maker has suggested doubling up the insulation and staggering the taped seams. I had this idea too, and hopefully it will help cut down on the cold air/warm air contact zones. ??

Vermontyurters 01-20-2019 01:55 PM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
Just noticed the offer to help! That’s kind and generous of you! I will let you know when we schedule the doubling-up with Ken. Thanks!

Surely Yurts - Steve 01-20-2019 03:01 PM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!

Considering that Ken made the yurt and he is extremely able-bodied and knowledgeable I know that if you can get him on-site he will be able to solve the problem.

We are in the Johnson area which is a lot further North, Though in New Hampshire, I think Ken is actually closer to you than I am.

You can cut that dome piece to install a capped and screened vent w/ 12V fan if you wanted to. Though that may not be the issue here.


Bob Rowlands 01-20-2019 11:10 PM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
Yeah condensation for sure. Mold is one of natures first line agents at breaking down materials. Every dwelling that has a damp environment that can't be thoroughly dried out is gonna mold and that's just the way it is. You have to dry the yurt and stop it from becoming saturated with water. Wish I had better advice but that's all I got. Good luck.

Yurtclown 09-30-2020 12:45 AM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
Hi vermontyurters,

I am looking into buying a yurt from two girls as well and would be raising it in southern Vermont. I am super sensitive to mold and fear that we may run into the same issue. Did you end up figuring out a solution/ did Ken help you fix the issue?

Any updates would be greatly appreciated.



Jafo 09-30-2020 07:55 AM

Re: Moldy drip edge, staining on interior roof...help!
The number one reason this happens is when people button down their yurts too tight by over-insulating. It sounds like the original issue was a defect in the roof, but we never did hear the end of that story.

Defects can happen in anything, but it is not common with yurts.

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