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413mp207 08-24-2018 09:05 PM

Newbie Questions
Greetings all. I've recently been torn between building and buying, and due to cost vs income I've decided to build. I have decent skills, follow direction well, and own/have access to any necessary tools. My first question is regarding size. I intend on living in the yurt full time with my dog, and have the potential of my girlfriend and her dog and cat staying full/part time. I ideally would like something in the 24' range, but am open to going smaller. Any suggestions?

Bob Rowlands 08-25-2018 10:02 PM

Re: Newbie Questions
I'd build the 24'er. That's 452 sq.ft. If you plan on moving every six months or so, a 21' at 346 feet would be somewhat less work to move, and just a bit cheaper to build. Whether the space/cost/liveability differential would be a good trade off beats me, my yurt used to be 16' and I never lived in it, nor would I have had the slightest inclination to do such. WAY too small.

For reference, I lived in a 20x20 (400 square foot) apartment when I was young and single. That was small but OK. 350 feet would have really been just too small. In a very small space 100 square feet s a HUGE difference. Good luck.

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