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Scotty 06-21-2018 05:11 PM

Easiest/Best way to wire a yurt?
Hi All,

I'm looking into the best way to wire up my yurt for long-term use as a residence. I'm currently using a web of extension cords :(. My main question is around what type of wire/conduit to use. I don't have much experience with electrical but I'm handy and can do the research (or get the help) to wire it safely once I figure out what materials to use.

I'm planning to have a subpanel on the inside of the yurt and there are 3 types of runs that I will have:

1. wiring underneath the yurt, between the subpanel and the various outlets/switches

2. wiring inside new interior stick-framed walls that I've built

3. exposed interior runs along the original walls and ceiling (I have a 30' pacific yurt with the snow and wind kit, so will be mounting outlets and switches in various places on the exposed rafters and studs.

I'm thinking it might make sense to just get a big roll of MC armored cable and use that everywhere - i'll be protected from rodents underneath the floor and the exposed wiring inside will be safe. I know that's not necessary inside the new walls, but it won't hurt. A 300' roll of the stuff doesn't cost that much more than romex.

I've seen people use rigid metal conduit for exposed runs inside - it looks classy, but seems like a lot more work to bend it all just right.

Am I missing anything? Anyone have any other recommendations on how to proceed? I'm not getting a permit but I do want to do everything to code in case I have to get one down the line.

Thanks for any thoughts,

Drunken hobbit 06-21-2018 05:39 PM

Re: Easiest/Best way to wire a yurt?
Ooh be careful! Mains voltage is dangerous stuff!
But your plan sounds good otherwise. More armoured is better.

trihartsfield 06-25-2018 05:31 PM

Re: Easiest/Best way to wire a yurt?
I came up through the floor with my main line. I placed a 100 amp breaker box mounted on a 2x4 frame.

I ran the wire on the floor around the parameter to the blue plastic receptacle boxes.

My next step is to fabricate small wooden boxes to enclose the receptacles and the exposed wire that is attached to the floor.

I used the metal enclosed wire from the light switch to the lights.

Since this is in a Groovy Yurt I didn't want to have the wire along the lattice and this was the best way I could figure. I also did not want to have all the wire exposed under the platform. The platform is not yet underpinned.


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