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Dennis Jameson 02-13-2018 12:19 AM

Developing a Yurt Resort in Eastern Canada
I am in the process of securing land to develop a small yurt resort, likely 5, 30' yurts to start but hoping to get up to five to 15 in phases over the next few years. I am looking to do this on ocean front land in a very natural setting (boarding Greenwich National Park). I have reached out to most of the larger manufacturers in North America, all seem to be great companies and people to work with so far. The location is far away from all manufacturers which is a positive and negative, little competition (very few other yurt resorts around, unlike west coast), however shipping costs are proving to be a burden.
My biggest factor in choosing a manufacturer will be a great long term relationship with excellent service as the rental nature will no doubt require a great deal replacement components.
If any folks on this board have experience developing multiple yurts for vacation rental purpose and wouldn't mind providing some advice to me I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks and happy Yurting!

Nomad Shelter AK Yurts 02-15-2018 05:05 PM

Re: Developing a Yurt Resort in Eastern Canada
Good Afternoon,
Yes, Nomad Shelter Yurts has a lot of experience building multiple resorts. We have sent yurts to Ski Resorts. Large church retreat lodges. Hunting and fishing lodges. Helicopter ski lodging. And hundreds of Air B & B resorts as well. Even a few hostels.
We love working on large scale projects and we will work with you on the shipping efforts.
Nomad Shelter yurts are built for high winds and harsh temperatures, this what our yurts are created for. It is standard in every single yurt.
Call me for further details.

Dennis Jameson 02-22-2018 09:15 AM

Re: Developing a Yurt Resort in Eastern Canada
Thanks for your response Avangaline! I will be in touch.

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