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Bob Rowlands 03-02-2018 11:31 AM

Re: Keeping warm in a harsh, snowy winter
Good post as usual.

albalmuth 03-26-2018 09:36 PM

Re: Keeping warm in a harsh, snowy winter
I have been happy with the Co Yurt Co Stout Alpine package. Some other thoughts...I use a pellet stove that was fairly inexpensive from Pleasant Hearth, and the blower/thermostat and ability to run all night without restocking is a delight. Propane causes a lot of consensation inside; it was dripping down my door windows and freezing on my thresholds. I am delighted that I installed the stove on the south facing side so that the snow in front of the vent is mostly burned off by the sun and I don't have to shovel it out much relative to the crusty, icy, never melting north facing side. We made a stovepipe support from steel pipe and a deflector from more pipes and a metal sheet. My builder designed a free-standing metal-roofed entryway, to go over the front door, deck, and front steps/concrete slab. He specified dimensions of a roof panel extension that Co Yurt Co fabricated to be welded onto the roof of the same material. Then the builder joined the roof panel extension to the metal roof. In this manner, my entryway has remained completely snow free. But I don't have wind. I am also happy that on my north side, the deck is the narrowest, so the snow sliding from the roof tends to fall away off the sides of the deck. The south side snow is easier to remove when I want to roll up the windows. I would be bummed if I put my main roll up windows on the north side. But with the two door lights, dome, and permanent window, I don't really bother to roll up the exterior windows in the winter. I have light colored walls/roof and it is all very light and bright. Compared to other yurts I have stayed in, my floor is nice and warm, with 2 inches of foam insulation fitted under the platform. You could put in 4 inches if you want, but I have been happy with the 2 inches and the indoor/outdoor inexpensive carpet tiles also feel warm underfoot.

Bob Rowlands 03-27-2018 08:52 AM

Re: Keeping warm in a harsh, snowy winter
albalmuth, thanks for the nicely detailed post.

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