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dreamingyurtmum 04-25-2017 09:40 AM

What do I need to know about yurt living?
Living in a yurt is a real dream for me but what are the realities? what do I need to consider? for me the idea of setting ourselves up with a home, land etc for under $100,000 or less and being free of a mortgage is a big pull.
We live in Nova Scotia I'd like to buy some land, possibly within an eco/permacuture community and either buy a secondhand or new yurt to live in all year round. We have 4 children aged 14-3yrs. The yurt would consist to begin with of a main yurt 25-30ft with a kids bedroom/gamesroom yurt attached and a mud room on the front, it would be solar powered with well and septic. I'd like composting toilets and full bathroom running water shower etc. heated with a a wood stove but possibly infloor heating passive solar maybe i'm not sure I haven't looked into it in great detail yet as this really is in the dream phase.
I'd like to kit out the yurt with mostly recycled kitchen bathroom etc is this possible given the shape?
Which companies are the best to purchase a yurt from given that i'm located in Atlantic Canada?
Advice and links to websites blogs etc would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Rowlands 04-25-2017 06:01 PM

Re: What do I need to know about yurt living?
Copy and paste:

Fouch-O-matic off grid -Youtube

A young couple with three little children that lived in a yurt for a ~couple years while building their timber frame house. As homesteaders they try to do everything themselves. They have a few videos you might be interested in watching.

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