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HawaiiYurts 02-01-2017 07:15 PM

Re: An (almost) Air-tight yurt to prevent mold?
I've seen a lot of yurts in tropical climates and if they don't have the proper upgrades, they will mold. But making them airtight does not seem like the best idea. Mildew likes areas without ventilation.

In Hawaii, we always aim for maximum ventilation. In an area that gets 12 FEET of rain a year, our office yurt has been up for about 6 years and still has never had mildew inside. We don't use natural fiber insulation, but rather an astro-foil or reflectix, a reflecting insulation that looks like tinfoil over bubble wrap... NASA developed it some time ago and it has been gaining popularity ever since, in all forms of housing.

One of the great things about a yurt is its natural tendency for convection & ventilation. Utilize it; don't fight it.

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