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groveladderfarm 04-28-2016 06:30 AM

choosing a company
I'm finding it very difficult to know which company to buy our yurt from. How do folks decide? It would be one thing if I could visit all of these companies and see and touch the yurts (unfortunately thats not really an option due to financial and time constraints, not to mention the fact that I have, like, a million babies! haha)

I've never made a purchase this large at a distance. I've never even been near a yurt in person, so I have to rely entirely on internet searches.

We live in Florida so among our primary concerns are safety in strong winds, keeping the yurt cool and keeping bugs and mosquitos out! Florida is extremely buggy in the summer. We are moving 2 full sized people and three mini people into the yurt, so we will choose a 30' no matter what.

I think I've narrowed it to Rainer, Pacific, and Blue Ridge Yurts (which happens to be the closest). I hear wonderful things about all three companies- I am not asking for someone to tell me which company is "best" since they are clearly all wonderful. But I would love help knowing which yurt might be best suited for us given our particular needs. And I would love to know how others made their decision!

Thanks so much!

Bob Rowlands 04-28-2016 08:43 AM

Re: choosing a company
No comment on yurt manufacturers, other than I believe the big dogs sponsoring this site likely turn out a yurt as good as a yurt can be made. I do have an opinion on bugs though and that is I would expect bugs in any yurt, relative to a house. Just a guess based on my experience with my own inimproved home made yurt. Good luck in your search.

Pacific Yurts 04-28-2016 10:05 AM

Re: choosing a company
It might be helpful for you to stay the night in the Pacific Yurt rental at Torreya State Park in Bristol, Florida. It is only a 20' diameter and is getting pretty old, but it would give you an opportunity to try one out and get a feel for it. You could also talk with the park staff about how well it has held up over the years. If you contact our office our sales representatives may also be able to provide a referral in the region.


Pacific Yurts

hierony 04-28-2016 10:51 AM

Re: choosing a company
I was going to suggest finding a state park or somebody that rents out yurts, but somebody beat me to it :p

I figured out what type of yurt I wanted, then looked at those yurts within my budget. I finally decided on the company that made a yurt with the largest crown ring (ie, giant sky light!).

From what I've heard, both Rainier and Pacific are helpful in answering questions; I haven't heard of Blue Ridge, but that doesn't mean anything. Given that Rainier & Pacific are in the opposite corner of the country from you, shipping costs will probably be significant (est. $1-3k). Engineered designs might be helpful for permitting purposes. A local contact that is familiar with yurt setup will be helpful, especially for such a large yurt. Type of canvas & years of guarantee might vary (often between 5 & 20 years); availability of repair/replacement parts can be important. Type and thickness of insulation may be different too.

I'd suggest doing image searches (google/pinterest/youtube/etc) for each manufacturer, seeing if any particular feature stands out to you as very important. There's also searching the forum and user's photo albums.

Hope that helps & best of luck!

groveladderfarm 04-28-2016 12:08 PM

Re: choosing a company
Thanks everyone! We just heard from the county that the yurt has to be able to withstand 150 MPH winds..... so my husband is calling companies and we are trying to come up with a game plan..

Bob Rowlands 04-28-2016 06:38 PM

Re: choosing a company
150 mph winds? You mean 150 knot wind? Is that a typo?

A hurricane is classified at half that, 74 mph. No yurt will withstand 150 mph wind. My house, which I literally built myself, is stout as hell, and IT wouldn't withstand 150 mph wind.

See, if this isn't a typo, this is why i really detest government. The goofy stuff these power pinheads come up with, that we must 'comply with' or you can't build, is beyond absurd.

Bob Rowlands 04-28-2016 06:49 PM

Re: choosing a company
Not knots, kph. Pardon me. 150 kph = 93 mph.

Ecoemma 04-29-2016 03:55 PM

Re: choosing a company
Dear- groveladderfarm
I agree with the other folks that it is very important to stay in a yurt before you move forward. We went through the same process almost a year ago. There are just things you can't know before you experience. It will also give you lots of ideas on what u can do!
As for companies we too went through tons and tons of research. Back and forth with pricing, opinions, strength, durability. On the end we found one of Craig's list for a fraction of the cost with a lot of the opinions we wanted. (Not all but we always want more that is probably necessary.)
After months of research the prices are about the same all in all. If you're going to set up yourself you want a company that will answer their phones because they will be a much needed resource! And I would be mindful of companies that have changed their name.

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groveladderfarm 04-30-2016 09:42 PM

Re: choosing a company
Sorry I havent been able to keep up with my thread, Ive had my hands full! Yes, the yurt has to be able to stand up to 150 MPH winds. Its very frustrating. Pacific Yurts actually can withstand up to 142 apparently, and they have suggested a local engineer who is very eager to work with us to make it meet code. It will involve airplane straps and a concrete slab if we go through with it, which I hope to. The guy from the county keeps telling us to just live in a trailer. I am pretty shocked a trailer can withstand the winds he is talking about...that was our first comment, but he insists that they can these days.

Melissa 04-30-2016 11:15 PM

Re: choosing a company
Tell the guy from the county that you'll live in a trailer if he can supply one that is round : )

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